Graham Miles

One man in his time plays many parts

Graham Miles is a Vancouver based actor trained in New York City.

'Asking For It' Now Available to View on YouTube

Evan (Graham Miles) pays a ransom to rescue Autumn (Angela Way) from kidnappers and wants nothing in return. Psyche! As if that would happen. What he wants, she doesn't. When the situation turns sour, who was asking for it?

An InFocus Film School Short Film
Written and Directed by Naomi Berezowsky
Director of Photography: Andrea Dancek

Composer, Sound Editor & Mixer: Dreamalot
Listen to Dreamalot on Spotify, Beatport and iTunes
Original Music by Moody

Graham Miles as Evan
Angela Way as Autumn
Amy King as Elora
Maggie McDougal as Gwen

Special thanks to North Shore Studios and the instructors at InFocus Film School.


Graham Miles Joins 'Killing for Spark' Cast

A black-as-night comedy about a young couple who find the key to a happy life is ending other peoples'. Two thirty-somethings find themselves in a rut. Work. Groceries. Laundry. Rinse. Repeat... until one day, while fighting during a car ride home, they strike a pedestrian. In an attempt to hide the body and their crime, they find they have re-ignited their passion through bloody murder and can't stop. Or won't.

This project is currently in development. To learn more, visit the official StoryHive page.